Afecta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a patient-centric, physician-driven pharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing new therapeutics to treat chronic diseases especially those more prevalent in women and children.


Our vision is to be an industry leader in creating new and more effective drugs based on safe, existing chemical compounds and naturally occurring substances.


Afecta was founded by physician-scientists at the University of Southern California, City of Hope/Beckman Research Institute, University of California Irvine, and the California Institute of Technology, who were studying the role of genetics and the actions of drugs on human diseases. Afecta’s founders recognized correlations between the underlying genetic differences among different patient groups and their differential drug-response. Inspired by their patients, especially women and children who were underserved by the pharmaceutical industry, and passionate about improving their health and quality of life, Afecta’s founders began de-convoluting the symptoms and uncovering the underlying mechanisms of diseases from which their patients suffered. This passion for improving the treatments they could offer their patients led Afecta’s founders to develop novel methods and a comprehensive drug discovery platform to classify diseases, sub-type patient groups, identify key disease pathways, and discover new drugs to more safely and effectively treat these disorders. The first two drugs discovered by Afecta were initially licensed to Supernus (NASDAQ: SUPN).