Advanced technology platforms drive our

discovery and development programs

Drug Discovery

PharmetRx® is Afecta’s proprietary A.I. based, chemical and biological computational drug discovery and development “engine” with corresponding databases. It employs novel algorithms and machine learning to create molecular “signatures” of diseases and chemical compounds based their biological activities, disease process biomarkers and patient-group specific genotypes.  In “precision medicine”, our platform has applications in re-purposing, re-formulating and re-designing chemical compounds to create new and improved drugs, as well as in more efficient clinical trial design.

Targeted Drug Delivery

In the context of “precision medicine”, drug delivery and formulation technologies that can improve efficacy, reduce off site activity/toxicity, reduce dose or dose frequency, improve patient compliance, and enhance patient-specific therapeutic utility are the desired goals.  Afecta has several  nanomaterials based technologies that enable the achievement of these goals for specific disease indications.  These novel drug carriers, in the form of nanoparticles and nanogels increase drug solubility and penetration of drug into tissues and cells, as well as enhance drug localization in specific tissues of the body for improved effect.